WTS–Training Grant

Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme - Employers


What is it? 

If your employees earn not more than $1,900 per month and are 35 years old and above, you can benefit from the Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme when you sponsor him/her for training.  WTS encourages you to sponsor your lower wage employees for training to upgrade their skills and improve your business performance.

With effect from 1 July 2013, WTS has been improved to provide greater benefits.

You can enjoy the benefits under the improved WTS scheme:

►  1. Lower training costs and more training choices 

      2.  More support for basic skills training

In addition, your employees can directly benefit from the cash awards under the Training Commitment Award (TCA).


You can enjoy higher subsidised course fees and absentee payroll funding support when you send your employees for training. More than 8,000 Certifiable Skills Training courses are covered under WTS.

  • What does it cover?
  • Who can qualify?
  • How to apply?


You can benefit from 95% course fee and absentee payroll funding (no dollar cap) when you sign up your employees for any of these courses:

  • Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses
    All WSQ courses are supported under the WTS scheme.  Please click here to see the list of CET Centres offering WSQ courses and contacts.
  • Part-time ITE Skills Certificate, Part-time NITEC and Part-time Higher NITEC courses offered by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).  Please contact ITE directly to find out more on course details.
  • Part-time Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Specialist Diploma and Diploma (Conversion) programmes offered by the five local Polytechnics.  Please contact the Polytechnics directly to find out more on course details: 

Ø  Nanyang Polytechnic Professional Development Centre

Ø  Ngee Ann Polytechnic CET Academy

Ø  Republic Polytechnic Academy for Continuing Education@RP

Ø  Singapore Polytechnic PACE Academy

Ø  Temasek Polytechnic Professional Development Centre

 Please visit SkillsConnect to see the list of eligible Certifiable Skills Training courses accredited or supported by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).


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