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STEP or Skills Training for Excellence Programme was launched by the Ministry of Manpower and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency to help Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) update their skills, knowledge and expertise so that they can remain competitive and employable.

Aimed at helping PMEs across all job functions, from entry-level managers to senior-level executives, STEP will help PMEs achieve the following:

  • Skills-Deepening in industry and occupational-specific skills
  • Skills-Broadening in knowledge and skills in various aspects of business operations
  • Skills Refreshing on the latest trends and developments in their industries
  • Developing a Talent Pool to form a leadership core for different industries

Interested PMEs will be able to tap into the following STEP offerings:

Courses leading to Qualifications: These are longer courses that cover a comprehensive range of knowledge and skill sets, and lead to a full-skills qualification. Examples include WSQ Diplomas/Specialist Diplomas (e.g. Digital Animation, Precision Engineering, Software Development, Tourism) and WSQ Graduate Certificates/Graduate Diplomas (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Analysis). There will also be non-WSQ qualifications.

Modular Courses: These programmes are typically identified in collaboration with industry partners to help address knowledge and capability gaps in our PMEs. Examples include modular Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses in "horizontal" skills areas such as business management and human resource as well as in "vertical" skills areas such as tourism and environmental technology to groom "T-shaped PMEs". Examples of non-WSQ courses include professional development programmes for the manufacturing industry by German Institute of Science and Technology - Technische Universitat Munchen (GIST - TUM Asia) and executive development courses by Warwick University.

Industry Scholarships: Some examples of current scholarships include Masters in Landscape Architecture with NUS, Masters in Retail Management with Stirling University and Early Childhood Education with Management via UniSIM.

Master-classes/Seminars: These are typically 1-2 day programmes on specific topics (e.g. productivity, green retailing, service leadership).

Industry Skills Development Advisory Services: These services will be offered through key channels, such as Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres, industry associations or lead bodies with insights into the industries and their skill needs. The aim is to give employers and PMEs a sustained skill development pathway, where PMEs can plan their career progression pathway, while employers can leverage it for their companies' future development plan.

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Area of Training

Senior Management

: Individuals at the CXO level/business unit heads

Middle Management

: Individuals who lead/manage teams

Junior Management

: Executives holding entry positions


: Staff holding job functions that requires specialised skill sets


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