WDA Launches Innovative Learning 2020 (iN.LEARN 2020) to Drive Learning Innovations in Continuing Education and Training
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WDA Launches Innovative Learning 2020 (iN.LEARN 2020) to Drive Learning Innovations in Continuing Education and Training

Singapore, 28 October 2015 – The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) today launched the $27 million national Innovative Learning 2020 strategy (iN.LEARN 2020) to drive innovation in Continuing Education and Training (CET) and support the transformation of the CET landscape. iN.LEARN 2020, a key SkillsFuture initiative, will boost lifelong learning efforts and make learning more accessible, engaging and effective for individuals and organisations.

iN.LEARN 2020 - Learning Nation Powered by Innovation

Tapping on technology and innovation, iN.LEARN 2020 aims to transform the design, development and delivery of CET to build a pervasive learning culture that is flexible, just-in-time and relevant to individuals and enterprises. With learning innovations, learning will be seamlessly integrated between training institution and workplaces, as well as between knowledge and application to enable individuals and enterprises to fulfil their skills needs and build business competitiveness.

Over the next three years, $27 million will be set aside under iN.LEARN 2020 to build an ecosystem to drive learning innovation. It will boost the capacity for learning innovation, encourage the use of innovation by adult educators and training providers to transform the delivery of their CET from the current predominance of classroom-based learning to blended learning complemented by online learning outside the classroom and workplace learning. By 2020, WDA envisages that all Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training providers will be delivering at least 75% of their full WSQ qualifications via blended learning. All the training providers within Lifelong Learning Institute and Devan Nair Institute will be leaders in the adoption of innovative learning approaches. As a result, the learning experiences of adults through the CET system will be significantly transformed.

Mr Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive of WDA, said “iN.LEARN 2020 is a key SkillsFuture initiative led by WDA to drive learning innovation in Continuing Education and Training, in order to meet the dynamic learning needs of enterprises and individuals. Under iN.LEARN 2020, WDA will work closely with CET stakeholders and training partners to enhance the quality, accessiblity and effectiveness of learning. We aim to build a vibrant CET ecosystem that taps on technology and innovation to make learning a seamless part of work and living.”

Five-pronged strategy to drive innovation

iN.LEARN 2020 is driven by a five-pronged strategy of People, Ideation, Collaboration, Technology, and Intelligence.

i. People

The Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) has revamped the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, or ACTA, to include an e-portfolio component to introduce technology-enabled CET to new adult educators. IAL will also continue to expand the range of continuing professional development programmes so as to elevate the capabilities of the CET community in harnessing technologies and innovations.

ii. Ideation

To foster an innovative culture and drive ideation, WDA and IAL have set up iN.LAB, a collaborative space to facilitate exploration and collaborations. It will provide a conducive environment to support a wide range of learning innovations in CET, from design and development to delivery.

To support the learning innovations, WDA will be offering two grants: “InnovPlus” and “CET Innovation Fund”.

  1. Under “InnovPlus”, iN.LAB will organise contests to solve CET-related issues faced by the CET community or by a specific industry sector. The identified issues will be posted online to crowd-source for solutions, with prize money and potential grant to develop prototypes over a period of three to six months.
  2. CET Innovation Fund will be used to support learning innovation efforts that have a strategic impact in focal CET areas and which have the potential to address sector-specific, as well as strategic learning design and delivery issues.

    WDA will provide seed funding of up to 20 projects over the next three years. IDA and SPRING will also provide funding to support the learning innovations through their Capability Development Grant and iSPRINT.

iii. Collaboration

To drive collaboration, iN.LAB’s facilities are designed for use by CET professionals, the industry, government agencies, incubators, design experts and employers to share industry knowledge and best practices, and to forge collaborations.

iN.LAB will also organise “InnovJam” sessions as a platform for the gathering of potential collaborators from different backgrounds and disciplines over one to two days, in order to jointly produce “bite-sized” innovation with simultaneous interaction with peers and associates.

Please refer to Annex A for more information on iN.LAB.

iv. Technology

WDA will pilot Total Online Learning Solutions to facilitate the entire online learning process, from design and development to delivery and assessment. Through the pilot project, WDA will ascertain the need for such a system and to allow CET providers to experience its benefits without substantial upfront investment. For training providers and enterprises, it makes available a learning management system, and a content management system to support learning. For individuals, it provides a seamless learner experience across content and devices and allows them to search, access, participate, collaborate and contribute to blended learning.

v. Intelligence

To support the learning innovation and experimentation, IAL, in partnership with local and international research institutions, will gather intelligence and provide feedback on how we can best harness technology in learning design and delivery, and fine-tune the solutions that are being implemented.

Please refer to Annex B for more information on iN.LEARN 2020.

Launch of iN.LEARN 2020 and opening of iN.LAB

The iN.LEARN 2020 launch and iN.LAB opening event was graced by Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as Mayor of South West Community Development Council, as Guest-of Honour. The event was also attended by leaders of business enterprises, solutions providers, system integrators, subject matter experts, adult educators, primary education and training providers, human resource developers, technology vendors (local and international), workforce development professionals as well as representatives from government agencies.

Annex A: Factsheet on iN.LAB
Annex B: Benefits of iN.LEARN 2020 to Respective Stakeholders

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