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What is WSQ?

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credentialing system. It trains, develops, assesses and recognises individuals for the key competencies that companies look for in potential employees.

WSQ is based on national standards developed by WDA in collaboration with various industries comprising industry sectoral frameworks which serve to:

  • Professionalise the industry, particularly where recognition of Continuing Education and Training (CET) qualifications are lacking
  • Improve labour mobility allowing companies in growing industries to easily recruit workers with the necessary skills whilst improving opportunities for workers to enter these industries.

The WSQ system is designed to be a practical, accessible and affordable launching pad for individuals to take charge of their own careers and advancement. It is also a powerful business tool for employers to access and maintain a skilled workforce as it enhances their competitive edge and advancing their businesses.

View our WSQ milestones here.

Key features

  • An occupational and competency-based system, designed to build industry-specific capabilities 
  • Both singular and flexible training modules, with the option to implement as-is, or build up to full qualifications
  • Assessment and certification are based on ability to demonstrate the industry's required capabilities
  • Accessible to all workers and professionals
  • Recognises prior learning, such as work experience and credentials
  • Qualifications and certifications are based on Industry-agreed standards
  • WSQ qualifications are comparable to credentials issued by international and local awarding bodies


Individuals Employers Training Providers
Career path planning and assistance for entry into a new industry Benchmark best practices Articulate clear training outcomes
Skills upgrading and career advancement through clear progression pathways Improve and develop job descriptions Develop and deliver training programmes to meet industry needs
Present more clearly defined skills sets to potential employers via new qualifications and certifications Improve performance management systems and training programmes Receive endorsement on quality training programmes
Obtain portable credentials for existing skills Establish clearly defined career paths for employees Gain capability development from WDA
Assess and benchmark individual capabilities against industry-established work standards Guide training needs analysis  
Support and promote best practices in the workplace Facilitate recruiting competent staff who are equipped with industry-specific capabilities and job-specific requirements  
  Strengthen in-house training capabilities  

Quality Assurance

WSQ is underpinned by a strong quality assurance framework. From developing competency standards, to accrediting training providers to awarding WSQ qualifications, stringent criteria are applied to ensure best standards and delivery. A structured and efficient system has been established to help build a strong training infrastructure that supports Singapore's workforce development.


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