Enhanced Training Support for SMEs

  • Enhanced Training Support for SMEs


Skills upgrading through Continuing Education and Training (CET) is a key mechanism for companies to raise productivity. While all employers can already tap on Government training subsidies for their local workers, WDA recognizes that SMEs are less likely to send their workers or themselves for training compared to larger companies. This has been reiterated during consultations with SMEs and various industry associations (e.g. Singapore Retailers' Association and the Singapore Manufacturers' Association), where SMEs and industry associations identified training and upgrading as a key area where they hoped to receive greater Government support. The proposed enhancements in training support (the Enhanced Training Support for SMEs) will help to address this feedback and encourage greater training participation among SMEs.

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) will now increase the funding for SMEs so they can continue to upskill their employees, while achieving financial objectives. The funding will encourage SMEs to invest in Continuing Education and Training (CET) to maximise their manpower and enhance productivity.

For more information on funding details and eligibility criteria, please refer to Programmes & Initiatives.

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